Coronavirus: How to Stay Safe on Your Travels?

What Can I Do to Keep Myself Safe From Coronavirus During my Travels? Travelling has become a pretty concerning action in the last couple of months, with the global spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). People are cancelling booked trips and have been warned by health officials to minimize contact with already affected countries. The rule […]

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Gulf Islands National Park Reserve

Gulf Islands National Park Reserve, BC

Gulf Islands National Park Reserve covers 36 km2 (14 sq mi) of protected lands on 16 islands, and more than 30 islets, reefs and approximately 26 km2 of surrounding marine areas. Each island has its own landscape features, abundant marine life, a Mediterranean climate (of sunny summers and mild winters) and unique historical landmarks that have attracted people for more than 5,000 years.

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Gwaii Haanas National Park

Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, National Marine Conservation Area Reserve and Haida Heritage Site, BC

Covering 1,470 km2 (570 sq mi), this huge Unesco World Heritage Site (there are 500 identified Haida archeological sites), lives up to its name: Gwaii Haanas, meaning “Islands of Beauty” in the Haida language, is a remote and beautiful wild chain of 138 islands (the former Queen Charlotte Islands) that lies 130 km off the coast of mainland British Columbia.

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Mount Revelstoke National Park

Mount Revelstoke National Park, BC

Mount Revelstoke is located in the northeast of the city of Revelstoke, on the Trans-Canada Highway between Glacier and Yoho National Parks, and was established in 1914. Covering only 260 km2 (100 sq mi), it’s relatively small for a national park, but don’t let that fool you… Mount Revelstoke makes up for in diversity. From rainforests, subalpine forest, and meadows to rocky ridges and glaciers, hikers, cross-country skiers, and picnickers are spoiled with plenty of opportunities to experience nature at its finest.

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Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park, BC

Located between Yoho and Mount Revelstoke, Glacier National Park is one of seven national parks in British Columbia (4 hours drive from Calgary and 6.5 hours from Vancouver). Covering 1,349 km2 (521 sq mi) of BC’s Selkirk and Purcell Mountains, the park was established in 1886 and it’s one of the most popular destinations for climbers and hikers. There is 140 km of hiking trails in the park that offers spectacular views of surrounding massive glacier (approximately 400 glaciers in and around its alpine scenery), waterfalls, valleys in Glacier National Park at Rogers Pass, underground rivers that have created one of Canada’s largest cave systems.

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RV Storage Solutions and Organization

RV Storage Solutions and Organization

Whether it’s a basic travel trailer or a luxurious motorhome, limited space can be a challenge, making many RVers struggle to find room for all their stuff (especially if they are traveling with kids). That’s why wisely using your RV storage is important to keep things convenient and easy to access, creating a more comfortable and efficient space.

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RV Cleaning

Tips for Cleaning Your RV’s Interior

It’s amazing how dirty the RV gets after hitting the road, traveling through different weather conditions, parked at campgrounds and RV parks. To ensure your RV will give you many years of enjoyment, it’s important to keep it clean and inspecting any repairs that might be needed during the cleaning. To make it easy for you, we’ve put together some cleaning tips to get your RV ready for the next adventure.

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RVing with dogs

RVing With Your Dog

Thinking of bringing your best buddy along on your adventure? That’s a great way to make your RV trip even more fun and exciting, and thanks to the comfort and convenience that an RV provides, your pets can feel at home, making it easier for them to adapt to the new routine. There’s also the advantage of large compartments to store all your pet’s necessities.

With a little research, planning, and following our tips below, you and your dog will be all set to heed the call of the wild and have a blast.

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8 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained on an RV Trip

Bringing the whole family along for the ride and spending more time together is one of the best things about RVing, but It can also be a challenge when it comes to keeping the kids from boredom, while you need to travel for hours on end.
That’s why we’ve pulled together some tips that will help make your RV trip a pleasant experience for you and your children.

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Kitchen Gadgets

10 Must-Have RV Kitchen Items

Bringing the kitchen along with you is one of the coolest things about RVing, and any type of RV comes with kitchen facilities. Some of them are better equipped than others, but even dealing with limited space, in the smallest RV kitchen, cooking in an RV is totally possible and you can save money by preparing delicious home-cooked meals no matter where you are.

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Rv Interior

Tips to Make Your RV Feel Like Home

Looking for some breathtaking natural wonders to add to your travel bucket list? Look no further than in your own backyard! There are so much beauty and bounty of life in Canada before kicking the bucket, and nothing’s better than exploring them with all the convenience and flexibility traveling along with you. Whether you own the RV or are renting it, here are some ideas to turn your motorhome or travel trailer into a cozy and comfortable home, making your RV experience much more enjoyable.

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RV Winter

Cold Weather RV Tips

Wintertime may seem boring to some people and though the season calls for staying home wrapped in a blanket with a cup of hot cocoa, reading a book or watching movies, the low temperatures offer you the chance to experience exciting outdoor activities, from skiing, snowboarding, to simply relax in the beautiful snowy scenery. You can also enjoy quiet campgrounds and… no bugs!

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Joffre Lakes Provincial Park, BC

One of the most beautiful destinations for hiking is located just north of Pemberton in British Columbia (56 min driving from Whistler and almost 3 hours from Vancouver). The road between Pemberton and Lillooet is in itself an awesome attraction.
Joffre Lakes Provincial Park was established in 1988. Its themed hiking trails revolve around a spectacular mountain scenery, waterfall (Holloway Falls), the Matier Glacier hanging impressively high above Upper Joffre Lake – one of the three gorgeous turquoise-colored lakes. The visitors can also enjoy camping, fishing (with an appropriate license), mountain climbing, and an amazing wildlife viewing. Black and grizzly bear, blacktail deer, mule deer, and mountain goat reside in the park. Cougar, wolverine, and bobcat are temporary residents.

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