Mount Robson Provincial Park, BC

Mount Robson

At 3,954 meters (12,972 feet), Mount Robson is the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies and the second oldest provincial park in BC. Because of its size ( and unexpected changes in weather and snow conditions), only experienced and equipped climbers should attempt climbing this mountain. 

The park is right next door to Jasper National Park in Alberta and can be reached by driving 390 km west from Edmonton or 290 km east from Prince George. The road trip is in itself an attraction that offers magnificent views of the imposing mountain. You can also see it with the foreground of the Fraser River… freaking awesome!

Its natural wonders, geological formations, and ecological treasures make the park one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

With an area of 2,249 km2, Mount Robson Provincial Park is home to 42 species of mammals, including black and grizzly bears, wolves, coyotes, wolverines, mountain goats, elk, moose, whitetail deer, caribou, and over 182 species of birds.

Mount Robson Provincial Park also hosts the headwaters and the first 100 km (62 mi) of the Fraser, the largest salmon producing river in the world, and the massive Berg Glacier, known as one of the few living glaciers in the Canadian Rockies.

Highlights of Mount Robson Provincial Park

# Hiking

Consider this amazing experience if you are an outdoor enthusiast. There are several hiking opportunities for every skill level. One of the most scenic multi-day hikes in the Canadian Rockies is Berg Lake Trail. The trail offers some of the province’s most stunning scenery, leads through the breathtaking Kinney Lake – a turquoise color alpine lake, surrounded by majestic mountains -, to the base of impressive Mount Robson. Along the way, hikers will also be rewarded with picturesque views of waterfalls before reaching Berg Glacier that cascades down the side of Mount Robson into the Berg Lake (where it breaks off, forming icebergs. That explains the origin of the name Berg Lake).

Kinney Lake and Mount Whitehorn near Mount Robson
Kinney Lake and Mount Whitehorn near Mount Robson

Yellowhead Mountain Trail: Breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and lakes. The trail is mostly forested, and prime grizzly bears habitat, so don’t walk in silence!

Mount Fitzwilliam Trail: Excellent day hikes available from this point offer incredible views of Mount Fitzwilliam. Some grizzly bears live in these areas as well.

Moose River Route: Recommended for experienced backcountry hikers who have a good knowledge of wilderness travel and survival. They must be prepared to handle numerous unbridged river crossings, wet marsh areas, and unexpected weather conditions.

Corridor: Waterfalls, wildlife viewing can be found along this stunning hiking trail.

Robson Meadows, Robson River, and Lucerne: Several hikes through deep forests that lead you to some gorgeous lakes. These trails are available from campgrounds.

Berg and Mist glaciers calving into Berg Lake
Berg and Mist glaciers calving into Berg Lake

#Canoeing and Boating

Moose, Yellowhead, and Whitney Lake offer great opportunities for canoeing and boating. You can also find some rafting companies for an adventure on the mighty Fraser River.

Views of the scenic Frasier River
Beautiful view of the scenic Fraser River

#Other activities

There are no bicycle rentals available at Mount Robson Park, but it offers some cycling routes. You can find them on the 7 km section from the trailhead to the north end of Kinney Lake, around Robson Meadows and Robson River Campgrounds.

Seasonal fishing opportunities in the Fraser River, Portal, Whitney, Yellowhead, and Moose Lakes, but an appropriate license is required.

# Camping 

Three campgrounds at Mount Robson are available on a first-come, first-served basis or upon reservation.

  • Robson Meadows Campground: With 125 camper/RV sites, it’s the largest of the campgrounds. Easy walking distance from Mount Robson Visitor Center, store and restaurant.
  • Robson River Campground: A beautiful campground by the Robson River. It’s also near the Visitor Centre and has 19 camper/RV sites available. 
  • Lucerne Campground: For those looking to avoid the crowds, Lucerne is the most rustic campground located on the east towards Jasper. It offers 36 camper/RV sites, all quite spacious and spread out.

Backcountry Campgrounds:

Berg Lake Trail Campgrounds – There are seven campgrounds with few facilities along the trail.

  • Kinney Lake
  • Whitehorn
  • Emperor Falls
  • Marmot
  • Berg Lake
  • Rearguard
  • Robson Pass

Mount Fitzwilliam Trail offers two backcountry campgrounds, one at Rockingham Creek and one in the alpine at the end. Backcountry sites must be booked in advance.

#Mount Robson in Winter

Enjoy scenic changes as you snowshoe through the old-growth cedar and hemlock forest to the Kinney Lake. The park is also one of the most adventurous ski/snowboard destinations.

There are backcountry winter campsites available along the Berg Lake Trail, but be aware of the possibility of avalanches.